Learn the art and science of the powerful behavior and thinking strategies to thrive in ambiguous and uncertain business environments

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An Organizational Behaviour Executive & Executive Coach 

Demystify the unknown with five key thinking and behaviour strategies 

Have you ever been faced with a puzzling pattern of events, been stuck in a confusing situation, or felt trapped by your own thinking patterns? Confused about how to navigate through difficult workplace behaviours?

The Business of Ambiguity is an indispensable business book on learning how to untangle the nuances of business ambiguity by becoming aware of the FIVE KEY THINKING AND BEHAVIOR STRATEGIES that will enable you to understand ambiguity on a deeper level. 

This simple to read, but deeply researched book, is filled with powerful real-life stories from dozens of executives who work in environments that have a high degree of ambiguity - will help you learn how to thrive in your professional and personal life. 


your thinking and leadership capacity, explore the 'knowing gap' in your life or business and gain a deeper understanding of your own biases and assumptions. 

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The ambiguity mindset journey is based on adult learning, systems thinking and organizational behavior theories.

We live in a messy world. Learn how to develop an ambiguity mindset! 


Learn more about systems thinking, adult learning and organizational behavior strategies and theories for practical application. Enhance your perspective taking and leadership insights.

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Image of Dr. D. A Doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership and a Master's Degree in Socio Organizational Psychology. Both degrees are from Columbia University and achieved while working in various executive global positions in complex companies. She is keen to share the powerful thinking and behaviors strategies that she have learned that will enable you to thrive in your professional and personal life.




As far back as I can remember, I have always wondered how other people think. I wondered about the misunderstandings, paradoxes and unintentional events unfolding and wondered “What were we thinking that got us here?” My interests are in analyzing behaviors and messy situations. This began my path to becoming an organizational psychologist to understand organizations, behaviors and perspectives to a deeper level, specifically for organizations deemed complex adaptive systems.

I am an academic executive with over 20 years of global work experiences and have worked in Canada, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. I specialize in setting up the ideal structure, culture and people centric programs to enable leaders to thrive in the workplace. I have completed a Doctorate of Education in Adult Learning and Leadership and an Executive Master's Degree in Change Management - Organizational Psychology, each from Columbia University and I am a certified executive coach. 


I am keen to share the powerful thinking and behaviors strategies that I have learned that will enable you to thrive in your professional and personal life. Dr. D

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Want to share some of your ambiguity stories and learning insights? I would love to hear from you.